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Women are more likely to become millionaires?

Women are more likely to become millionaires?

There are NEWS about millionaire/billionaire women from time to time, as a woman, will you feel millionaires/billionaires are too far away from you? In fact, you can be one of them if you make good use of your talent.

Can you be a millionaire? Read the following 20 sentences, and you will have an answer for your own!

1. Do something you are really interested.
2. You are engaged in some kind of soho career.
3. Be your own boss.
4. Accepted professional education, or have special faculty.
5. Have the courage to make a dicision.
6. Show your idea directly.
7. Dare to admit your mistake.
8. Before you set about doing something, collect related info and research it.
9. Pay close attention to the marketing requirements, and do something to cater it.
10. Lower the cost ultimately without sacrificing quality.
11. Keep relationship with your customers simply and sincerely.
12. Never give up because of failure.
13. Don’t stick unworkable concept.
14. Do not take the risk that you cannot afford.
15. Do not make profit free but make it invest again.
16. Take at least 12 hours on your career, 72 hours for a week.
17. Work with skillful lawyer for saving more time.
18. Work with wise accountant for saving money.
19. Work with tax specialist for exempting some tax.
20. Be healthy and keep yourself happy.

Each sentence represents a successful character. If you own more than 10 characters above, that means you have the qualifications to become a millionaire. Will you be the next female millionaire?

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